Pre-Employment and Employment Drug and Alcohol Testing

Pre-employment screening helps eliminate at-risk employees. Drug testing is an essential way to promote the safety of employees, customers and others who interact with your company. Requiring current employees to undergo drug testing is an effective way to keep the workplace safe and reduce liability risks. Whether testing before hiring, randomly or after an incident, having a drug program in place is crucial for creating a safe and efficient work environment.

DOT & Non-DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our pre employment screening consists of DOT and Non-DOT testing. Because Department of Transportation (DOT) testing directly affects employees who are operating motor vehicles which falls under stricter federal regulations. In all cases, tests required by the DOT must be conducted before their non-DOT counterparts.

Furthermore, Non-DOT tests will allow the provided specimens to be used for multiple purposes. DOT-specific tests must use unique samples specifically for each test conducted. Most importantly, DOT test results always take precedent, and a non-DOT test result can’t cancel out a DOT result, even if the results are contrasting.

We offer these DOT and non-DOT tests:

These comprehensive tests make pre-employment drug testing an excellent way to screen potential employees and an efficient way to make sure current employees are acting responsibly on the job.