Mobile Drug Test Collections

VeriCorp offers mobile on-site collections, helping keep workplaces stay drug-free. Skip the hassle of sending employees to different locations to get tested, we’ll bring the tests right to you! You’ll be able to test large numbers of employees at once, speeding up the process immeasurably. Utilizing top of the line tests, we ensure that your company is a safe place to work. Our skilled collection specialists are available 24/7 and will work with your schedule. No more sending your employees to the labs while on the clock, wasting your time and money. With on-site collections, you get the quality of a lab test while at the convenience of your location.


When should you do an on-site drug test? 


What are the benefits of on-site mobile drug collections with VeriCorp? 


What tests do we offer?


Where do we go?


Want to schedule a mobile on-site drug test? Contact your VeriCorp representative today to receive a quote! Or give us a call at (877)717-3515. We’re here to help you keep your workplace safe. We’ve got this.