Research Analyst Job

“I can’t tell you what a pleasure it is to work with a professional organization who actually understands the complications of an accurate background screen.  As an HR Director, we must be extremely careful that we are not accused of negligent hiring. An accurate background screening process allows us to know what type of person is in our building and insure the safety of our associates in every way possible.  Especially in today’s world, it is the company’s responsibility to do everything they can to insure a safe work environment. We have referred Vericorp to our temporary partner agencies as well. The timeliness and thoroughness of this screening process is a vital tool in our recruitment process.  I would recommend Vericorp (and have) to any company in need.”


-A manufacturing and distribution base company

What is my typical day going to look like?

As a research analyst for VeriCorp, your typical day will be going to the various courthouses throughout the region, pulling data for our clients. Researchers will also come to the office to perform other various searches on individuals to ensure our client’s are given the most accurate and essential information that is needed.


Is this job really for me though?

Due to the nature of this job, candidates that are highly organized, do well with time management, and self-motivated are needed. You’ll be working alone or with a small group during most of the job’s roles. Other skills that will be highly sought after are:


What are the benefits and culture of Vericorp?

If you’re the type of person that enjoys working with a company that not only wishes to grow with you but have you grow with them, then VeriCorp is the company for you. We’ve learned throughout the years that our company seems to thrive when we learn from each other. Because of this, we’ve adopted a completely open door style policy, always taking in employees’ ideas to improve ourselves into consideration. Not only that but we offer industry competitive wages and medical benefits to full-time employees.  


Where we’re hiring




Complete Position Description

We’re looking for responsible and efficient researchers to grow with us. Providing accurate and detailed reports in a timely and professional manner to ensure the safety of our clients and those they serve.


Key Duties and Responsibilities


Qualifications and Requirements



VeriCorp was founded 1996 to meet the growing need for a provider of reports ranging from drug testing to criminal court information, because these reports were frequently being considered by companies looking to make smarter hiring decisions. As older technologies were being phased out across the industry, the internet and improved data retrieval methods were quickly growing. VeriCorp’s founder and former CEO, Gary DeWitt, had a technical background and experience with data communication and drug testing for various major medical labs and the credit bureaus. Over time, improved functionality and the evolution of hardware and fast internet access allowed VeriCorp’s system to integrate with various HR platforms, providing a seamless solution to companies in need of background screening and drug testing services.



For over two decades, clients like Hershey Chocolate and multiple hospital chains chose VeriCorp for these services, which simplified their hiring processes and reduced turnover. VeriCorp sold a portion of the business in December 2005 to a California company that maintained the staff and offices in Louisville, KY and created new avenues of opportunity. VeriCorp continued to operate independently, serving tenant screening clients and doing research for the entire screening industry. VeriCorp allows the quality of our reports, the speed of our service, and a family style attitude to be the core values for our operations.



Since then, VeriCorp has further expanded its knowledge in technology and today serves as a fully functioning background and drug screening provider. We offer both national and international services and off-shore nothing. In 2016, Britany DeWitt, a U of L graduate, became President of VeriCorp after spending several years learning the business. While maintaining the same standards of excellence and customer service, VeriCorp looks forward to taking a fresh approach to its expanding services.