Welcome to our Small Business Packages page, designed specifically for smaller businesses that screen 10 or fewer applicants annually. We understand that every hire is crucial for your business, and our streamlined packages are crafted to meet your specific needs without overwhelming your budget or resources.

What We Offer:

Our small business packages provide essential background screening services to help you make informed hiring decisions. These packages are tailored for simplicity and efficiency, ensuring you get the quality checks necessary to maintain a safe and reliable workforce.

Features of Our Packages:

Service Descriptions

SSN Scan & National Criminal Pointer (Included in all packages)

Provides names, addresses, date of birth, and aliases, including maiden names as revealed by our SS Scan. All discovered name variations are then automatically searched through our high-speed, multi-jurisdictional data repository. Per the FCRA, when using reports for employment permissible purposes, this search is only used as a locator search to provide locations of possible records and not the actual case information (must be verified). VeriCorp verifies any hits to complete this report. Combines multiple reports into one unique search. An extensive report that includes an instant multi-state search of criminal records. This search accesses over 400 databases and 200 million files containing criminal records from participating:

  • State Repositories and Archives
  • County Courthouses
  • Administrative Office of the Court Records
  • Sex-Offender Registries
  • Department of Corrections (DOC) Files
  • Traffic Violations and Infractions Involving Warrants

This report should not be the sole source of criminal information

Turnaround Time: Instant unless a criminal record is returned, the proofing process will take an average 1 business day.

County Criminal (Included in all packages)

Based on the candidate’s address history, the County Criminal Search is considered the most accurate and comprehensive criminal background search. VeriCorp utilizes a team of researchers to access criminal records directly from the courthouses in the county(ies) you are requesting. We utilize public access terminals or “hand pulled” criminal searches to directly examine county criminal felony and/or misdemeanor court records, rather than using an aggregated criminal database. Our system will auto-populate any counties lived for the past 7 years, based on the SSN Trace results pulled prior.

Turnaround Time: Average 1-3 days

State Repository (Included in Elite Package) (A la carte pricing)

Administrative Office of the Court (AOC) Report or Law Enforcement Repository. Accesses the statewide criminal repository, if available, in a given state. Statewide Criminal Searches provide access to public criminal records from the applicable state. Search results may include felony, misdemeanor, and/or traffic-case information. The type of data and number of years of information will vary state to state. It is important to know that not every county may report to the state level, leaving voids; the two exceptions are Kentucky and New York, which provide data from every county in their respective states. This report should not be the sole source of criminal information.

Turnaround Time: Varies by state, average 1-3 days

MVR – Motor Vehicle Report (A la carte pricing)

Driving record, including offenses and citations, provided by the specified state in which the applicant holds a valid license. The data reported and the number of years included will vary slightly by state. Companies should order driving history reports for all employees who drive company or personal vehicles for business.

Turnaround Time: Varies state to state; the majority are instant; monthly monitoring available as well

The Commercial Driver’s License Information System (CDLIS) is a nationwide computer system that enables state driver licensing agencies (SDLAs) to ensure that each commercial driver has only one driver license and one complete driver record.

Sex Offender Registry – National (A la carte pricing)

The national sex offender registry search is critical for professionals and volunteers who will interact with youth or work in childcare, education, healthcare and human services environments. The search includes sex offender registration records from all 50 states plus the District of Columbia, Guam & Puerto Rico. Please note that the types of crimes that require registration vary by state. Therefore, not all individuals convicted of a sex crime in one state may be included in another state’s registry.

Turnaround Time: 1 day; monthly monitoring available as well

Explore our packages today and find the right fit for your business needs. Empower your small business with reliable background screening solutions and focus on what you do best—growing your business!

Basic Package ($35 per applicant) *

Intermediate Package ($55 per applicant) *

Elite Package ($75 per applicant) *

FAQs for Small Business Packages

How do I set up an account?

If you hire 10 applicants or less per year, you will select the “Get Started Now” link below or button above. You will then be prompted to fill out VeriCorp’s Service Agreement and Customer Verification Form, as well as your payment information. Customer Service will reach out no later than the following business day with the next steps.

Get Started Now

What information do I need to order a background check on my applicant?

You will need to provide the applicant’s full name and email address. We will send them a release form electronically and retrieve all necessary information.

* Will there be any additional fees?

It’s important to note that certain courts and agencies may impose access fees in addition to the standard report price. Additionally, please be aware that our prices are subject to change, as they are contingent upon potential adjustments in state/county court and agency access fees, where applicable.

How long will it take to complete my order?

Most orders should be fulfilled within 2-3 business days once you have placed the order.

Can I add additional reports to my order?

Yes, however, anything that is not in the package will be a la carte. If you would like to inquire about pricing, or add any additional reports to your order, please reach out to customerservice@vericorphr.com.

Can I use this for personal background screening?

No. This offer is for employment purposes only.

Who do I contact with questions regarding my order?

Customer Service at customerservice@vericorphr.com

If I plan on ordering more than 10 applicants in the next year, what should I do?

If you plan on ordering more than 10 applicants a year, the Small Business Package solution is not for you. Please contact Customer Service at customerservice@vericorphr.com to learn about available options.