Random drug testing helps employers identify individuals who may have a substance abuse problem while also deterring others from starting or continuing drug use

At VeriCorp, we create and track random testing for both Department of Transportation (DOT) and Non-DOT employees. Based on the size of your company, we use advanced software in order to apply a random pool generator for your employees. In smaller companies of 50 employees or less, we’ll sort employees into a random consortium to keep costs low and the process efficient. As employees leave or join the company, their status within the pool can easily be adjusted. In companies with more than 50 employees, a stand alone pool is put into practice.

When the date of your upcoming random pool is approaching, we’ll give you ample notification to allow time for revisions in employee status before your pool is run. Once your employees are sorted and randomly selected, they’ll visit an approved lab for the required test. Lab results are available in EZyCheck for viewing at your convenience.