Background Screening Checklist

It’s not just you when it comes to the background process so many of our clients are cross-eyed that they are unsure where to start. Before you get overwhelmed or ahead of yourself, check out the simple checklist we’ve crafted for you to ensure the process is smooth and easy.


  1. Is it in your company policy to do background checks or drug tests? If not, you better add that and have all your employees become aware of this addition. VeriCorp offers our powerful Risk Shield Solutions tool that allows you to create company-wide drug testing policies in only a matter of minutes!
  2. Have you had your employees or prospective employees fill out a signed release form? Without the employee’s consent, you could land yourself in large legal issues! If you need to see a sample of these forms contact us today at
  3. Do you have a background screening provider? Many do not understand that in order to conduct background checks through a third party provider, you need to have an official account set up. While this normally only takes a day or so to set up, you could already have your results back in that time period if you only had set it up prior! Contact VeriCorp today to get an account setup, there is no sign-up or hidden fees!  
  4. Know exactly what you need for each position in your company! Certain positions might require different sorts of checks. You probably do not need a motor vehicle report on a person that will be sitting behind the desk all day. Know what you need and it will help you and your screening provider get the ball rolling quicker! VeriCorp has our very own reports quiz that can help you figure out the basics on what you need!
  5. Have the proper documents ready. Certain positions, like those dealing with Department of Transportation, require unique documents before those sort of searches can be handled. Contact our customer service team or go into the forms directory on EzyCheck to get these forms today!
  6. Be aware of the time it takes for the checks. As much as we would love to give results back instantly the chances of that are slim. Most reports take 2-3 business days, some can be even longer. If you’re unaware of these timeframes you might be in hot water. All of our average turn around times can be found at


Background screening is no joke. You’ve got to make sure all of your ducks are in a row before you start. Failure to do so could land you in hot water taking the form of a lawsuit! Always talk to your VeriCorp Representative before making any major changes to your background screening and drug testing policy.