File a Dispute

How do I dispute information on my background check?

You may dispute the accuracy or completeness of a consumer report. To initiate a dispute, you are encouraged to call VeriCorp at 502-554-9999 (option 5). You may also reach out to us via email regarding disputed information on your background check at

In general, a CRA has up to 30 days to resolve a dispute, although VeriCorp generally handles disputes more quickly than this. You will be notified via email of the resolution.

Human Trafficking

As a victim of human trafficking, how do I request a block of adverse information resulting from a severe form of trafficking in persons or sex trafficking?

If you are a victim of a severe form of trafficking in persons or sex trafficking, you may request VeriCorp to block adverse items of information on your consumer report if they resulted from trafficking.

How do I submit a request?

  • Write a letter stating that you are a victim of human trafficking
  • Identify the adverse items of information that resulted from trafficking that should not appear on your consumer report
  • Include a photocopy of a proof of identity
  • Provide a photocopy of trafficking victim determination documentation (select one or more from the following list):
    • Issued by a Federal, State, or Tribal governmental entity
    • Issued by a non-governmental organization or a human trafficking task force, including victim service providers affiliated with the organization or task force, authorized by a Federal, State, or Tribal government entity to make such a determination
    • Issued by a court or accepted as a piece of evidence filed in court
    • A self-attestation by the consumer who identifies as a victim of trafficking if such statement or an accompanying document is signed or certified by a Federal, State, or Tribal government entity, a court, or an authorized representative of these entities
  • Specify your preferred method for Sterling to contact you (electronic or postal) and provide your email address or postal address
  • Send your letter with enclosures to:

PO Box 436054
Louisville, KY 40253

  • You may also email and request to be provided with a secure method to submit your letter and enclosures electronically.

You may use this sample letter provided by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): sample letter.

What are examples of an acceptable proof of identity?

  • Driver’s License
  • Government issued ID
  • Passport
  • Utility bill showing your name and address
  • Birth Certificate

If you are unable to provide a copy of proof of identity, we may be able to verify your identity over the phone. Please call us at: 502-554-9999 (option 5)

What are examples of trafficking victim determination documents?

  • Certification letter issued by the Department of Health and Human Services
  • Police report
  • Court decision related to human trafficking
  • U Visa with form I-918 supplemental B indicating the victim experienced human trafficking
  • T Visa issued by US Citizenship and Immigration Services

If you have any questions, please call 502-554-9999 (option 5) or email