VeriCorp has a background screening tool designed for the needs of organizations that hire employees or use volunteers. EZyApp™ gives clients a way to conduct affordable and comprehensive volunteer background checks before the volunteer is allowed to work with children or other vulnerable individuals. EZyApp™ also meets the needs of a growing number of educational and training institutions that perform student background checks.

Who needs EZyApp™?

Take advantage of these EZyApp™ features:

Order Online – Send applicants to a predesigned web-page where they can start their background check and self-enter their personal information and authorize Release Form electronically.
Consistency – Working with VeriCorp, clients determine the needed background screens which will provide consistency of results.
Fast – VeriCorp works directly with our nation-wide network of researchers to provide you the fast turnaround times needed to help you make proper decisions.
Secure – VeriCorp provides the expertise and infrastructure to handle sensitive information. Privacy is protected by secure online submission. By using VeriCorp’s EzyApp™, organizations need not be burdened with their volunteers’ and applicants’ personal information.
Manage Administration – Audit, Track and Organize results according to different locations or roles within your organization.
Privacy of Results – Decide who within your organization is allowed to view EzyApp™ results.
Varied Payment Options – VeriCorp offers flexible options, including payment by the client, payment by the individual via credit card, or a combination of the two.


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